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Hyperconvergence promises to reduce operational costs compared to buying traditional servers, storage and storage networking. But hardware-based hypercoverged appliances have some significant drawbacks that limit choice and flexibility for IT. Ultimately, this leads to much higher long-term costs, particularly compared to software-based solutions. The drawbacks of hyperconverged hardware appliances include:

Vendor lock-in. Buying a hardware appliance solution can lock you in to the platform for the long-term – just like traditional storage array vendors. Even software hyperconvergence platforms can lock you in to a hypervisor platform.
A refresh tax. When it’s time to refresh systems, customers have to buy a new appliance – paying for the software in full again. IT managers also have to refresh compute and storage together, forcing them to either let compute age beyond its useful life or waste money refreshing storage before its time.
An upgrade tax. Appliances can’t scale in small increments, can’t be upgraded if capacity needs to grow slightly, and can’t scale storage and compute separately. That imposes a costly “upgrade tax” since enterprises have to both buy ahead and buy more compute or storage than they need.

Maxta Hyperconvergence Software:

  • Gives you choice and flexibility for both the infrastructure and hypervisor you use
  • Reduces capital and operating costs by up to 70 percent
  • Frees you from the refresh and upgrade tax of hardware-based platforms
  • Makes it easy to assign VMs the right resources based on availability and performance needs
Why pay the extra tax with hardware-based hyperconverged solutions? Maxta is the only independent, software-based hyperconvergence platform that gives you choice in the hypervisor and servers you use.
What are you waiting for? Claim your free Maxta license today for a 3-server cluster with up to 24 TB. And if you need more compute or storage, it’s easy to build it out at your pace.

*Offer of one free license available to qualifying organizations at the sole discretion of Maxta Inc. Offer available only in the U.S., Canada and select European and Asia Pacific countries. For more information, contact Maxta Sales at or call toll-free 844-446-2982.