Discover Hyperconverged Infrastructure 

Hyperconvergence is one of the greatest innovations to come to the data center since virtualization. It's transforming the data center with massive improvements in efficiency and simplicity, reducing both the time and cost it takes to run a modern data center. In this book, you'll learn how hyperconvergence works, how it can help you, and how a software approach is different than an appliance approach. Data center infrastructure no longer has to be complex and expensive. Make your life easier, today and in the future, by learning about hyperconvergence!


  • What hyperconvergence truly is and how it can help you
  • How hyperconvergence modernizes, simplifies, and streamlines the IT lifecycle
  • Why hyperconvergence is the answer to many data center challenges including scaling, protection and availability
  • How software and appliance approaches differ in cost in the near term and over time